About Fit For Duty.

Fit For Duty is an elite personal training business that was created to help everyday people train to be firefighters. By using firefighting tactics, functional movement patterns, aerobic and anaerobic training, proper technique, and innovative tools and equipment, our training has evolved into a foundational training system that helps ANYONE achieve ANY of their fitness goals. This has made fitness fun, challenging, results based, unique, and more importantly, safe.

We don’t believe in “fad workouts”. Our philosophy is that by using ALL the “tools in the toolbox”, our clients are more likely to succeed, create realistic goals, and change behaviors that truly sustain a healthy, more fulfilling lifestyle.

What We Do.

We focus on YOU! Our programs are tailored to the individual and are designed to empower our clients to be successful.

If you’re bored with your current workout routine, want to be challenged mentally and physically, want to lose weight and gain lean muscle, train for a competition, want to become a firefighter, or just need guidance and motivation to help you reach your overall health and wellness goals, then you need to “change the way you train”.