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“I approached FitForDuty coach Melissa Woolsey for job specific training, to prepare me for firefighter recruit school. Working with Melissa was a very positive experience. If you are searching for a personal trainer to prepare for a fire recruit training program, I highly recommend Melissa with FitForDuty to help you succeed.”

“Lt. Melissa Woolsey is passionate about health and fitness. Her workouts are personalized and target your specific needs and goals. After her 12 week program I found my physical abilities improved in every area, and my own workouts have been refined and focused. I highly recommend her Fit for Duty program.”

“Unlike other personal trainers I went to, Melissa with Fit for Duty really listened to me when I told her about my limitations due to my arthritis. I would highly recommend Melissa to anyone who wants a personal trainer that will listen to them, be flexible, and can work well with people who have injuries or need accommodations.”

“Melissa understands the physical and mental battles that must be overcome to achieve great things! She knows her physiology and helps you turn your weaknesses into strengths. Thanks to her preparation and coaching, I was successful in SFD’s challenging Recruit Academy.”

“Melissa Woolsey is by far the best personal trainer you can get, no matter what you are training for, because it’s very obvious within the first 5 minutes of talking with her, that she is passionate about exercise. I was pushed to limits I didn’t know I had and challenged in ways I didn’t know I could be challenged.”

“Lt. Melissa Woolsey is an excellent trainer. Her skills not only helped me achieve top physical conditioning, but mental strength as well. The experience she has as a Lieutenant in the Seattle Fire Department was invaluable when it came to being my trainer. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”